Good News Care Center Celebrates 25 years

of providing free health care to those
most in need.

Good News Care Center thanks our collaborative partners for their benevolent support.

Our Mission

Believing in the worth of all people as created by God, the Good News Care Center strives through collaborative partnerships to provide free access to primary care to those most in need.

Our Services

Good News Care Center provides medical, diagnostic and education services for adults in a caring and compassionate environment. At the care center you can receive:


Internal Medicine


General Checkups


Blood Pressure Checks


Diabetes Tests


Specialized Care for Women: Pap Smear




Nutrition Counseling


Diabetes Classes


Skin Ailments

Maintaining your good health involves early detection, diagnosis and treatment and consistent monitoring.


Dealing with Cancer

I had a lump on my breast, before they would have spend close 5,000, I wasn’t working because I just came to the United States.

Then funding was a problem, so we prayed and didn’t know what we would do… she met with Anna from Good News clinic, she took it over from there, and she referred me to Baptisit Health Miami Cancer Institute.

From there I met with breast surgeon, saw the oncology, they placed me on chemotherapy. Today I’ve ended 8 cycles of chemotherapy.

Without the Good News Clinic it would have been disastorous, nowhere to go, no body to turn to. I don’t know anybody, I’m not working because I just arrived here as an immigrant.

Only God knows what would have happened to me, all hope was lost, I didn’t have anyone to turn to, if not for Good News and Anna.

Mary Imolele, Good News Care Center Patient

Your Health Starts Here

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Call — 305-246-2844

“I was in severe pain and needed to see a gastroenterologist for my condition. It would have been extremely costly.

It was a huge blessing for me finding GNCC, they planned and accommodated the health services that I needed.”

Lisbeth Salcedo

25th Anniversary Event Coordinator

“I had a lump on my breast… funding was a problem, we prayed and didn’t know what we would do… then we met with Anna from Good News clinic… Only God knows what would have happened to me, all hope was lost, I didn’t have anyone to turn to, if not for Good News and Anna.”

Mary Imolele


“I had the opportunity to do a clinical community service with Good News Care Center. I had a very great experience  caring for the less privelege and the entire community who has no fund of caring for their health.”

Augusta Momodu

Registered Nurse

Service Availability

Good News Care Center hours have been designed to meet the needs of the people within our community. The Center is open Tuesday through Saturday.

Call for an Appointment.

Care is provided by licensed physicians and other qualified health care professionals from many local hospitals and universities. Area Volunteers also will be there to greet you, make you feel confortable and help determine your needs.


101 South Redland Road, Florida City, FL 33034

Not in Miami-Dade County?

Good News Care Center serves residents of any part of Miami-Dade County whose family incomes falls at 200% or below of the Federal Poverty Indicator for their household size. For persons who reside in any other part of Florida, please utilize the Florida Association of Free and Charitable Clinics, Inc. website here for searching for a free clinic near you.

Community Directory

You can also download our Directory of Local, State, and National resources for assistance with many categories of need from housing and shelters, addiction and counseling, healthcare, financial and employment assistance, legal assistance, assistance for immigrants and refugees, and much more.

Click this link to download: MBA Community Directory

Press Releases

Good News Care Center Featured on

Good News Care Center Featured on

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